Uman rabbi has developed a 'cure' for coronavirus
Rabbi Israel Elhadad

Rabbi Israel Elhadad, who runs the synagogue at the grave of Rebbe Nahchman of Breslov in Uman, Ukraine, claimed in an interview with Channel 12 that he found a natural medicine for the coronavirus.

Speaking with Rafi Reshef, an Israeli journalist, Elhadad claimed that his medicine "with the help of heaven" helped cure "some 50 people in London."

Elhadad further explained the drug, saying that he invented it four months ago. He even provided information about its ingredients which include magnesium sulfate, coneflower, vitamin C, D3 and other components.

However, he was not keen on divulging the exact quantities needed to properly concoct the medicine.

Despite Elhadad's efforts to get recognition for the his newly invented drug, including a letter he claimed to have sent to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, it does not seem that anyone is aware of his invention.

"I sent a letter to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but he did not reply," added Elhadad.

Elhadad's claims as pharmaceutical companies around the world are working day and night to produce a vaccine that could help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

He also spoke about the upcoming annual pilgrimage to Uman, during which thousands of Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews are expected to visit on Rosh Hashana to commemorate the Breslov Rebbe.

"I am not sure that this year I will prostrate myself before the grave of Rebbe Nachman. It might just be enough for me to stand at the court below and recite the Tikkun," said Elhadad.

As the coronavirus spreads, this year's commemoration ceremonies have the potential to be extremely problematic, given the fact that many seek to stand near the grave of the deceased rabbi, thus increasing the risk for getting sick with the virus.

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