IDF locates another tunnel on Lebanon border
IDF Forces in Northern Israel

The IDF has located another Hezbollah terror tunnel on the Lebanese border.

The tunnel passes from Lebanese territory into Israel and was active in recent days.

The IDF said that the tunnel was never a threat to Israel.

The tunnel is located in the eastern sector of the Lebanese front.

The IDF Spokesman, Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, said that the IDF's Yahalom Unit is inspecting the tunnel's entire length and all of its components.

The IDF added that despite difficult weather conditions, its forces are continuing their operation to locate all Hezbollah tunnels.

IDF Forces find tunnel

Second Hezbollah Attack Tunnel Exposed


IDF soldiers taking apart Hezbollah tunnels on Israel's northern border opened fire early Saturday afternoon at three suspicious figures who approached them from the Lebanese side of the border.

The three — believed to have been Hezbollah operatives — ran away.

The IDF Spokesman said that the three men had been trying to take advantage of the weather conditions to approach the IDF force, and that the soldiers fired warning shots. Work on dismantling the tunnels continued undisturbed.

A news service that is identified with Hezbollah reported that IDF soldiers fired warning shots in the air but claimed that the men who were fired at were from the Lebanese Army's intelligence corps.

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