Knesset approves Bahrain peace deal
Netanyahu addresses Knesset. (Shmulik Grossman/Knesset spokesperson)

The Knesset voted on Tuesday to approve the peace agreement with Bahrain.

62 MKs voted in favor of the accord while 14 voted against it.

This is the second peace agreement recently approved in the Knesset after the plenum approved the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates about a month ago.

The debate opened with a speech by Knesset Speaker Yariv Levin, who said, "The road to peace does not go through concessions of parts of the homeland, it does not go through compromises with terrorism. I hope that these principles will guide every government in the United States and every government in Israel, in order to ensure the security of the region, in order to achieve true peace."

He added, "This is a huge historic achievement. It is a creation of a different Middle East, a Middle East where true peace goes from a dream to a daily reality. The fact that we are privileged to hold a peace agreement debate for the second time during the 23rd Knesset, and in such a short time, is a great privilege, an unprecedented privilege. The signing of the peace agreement with Bahrain would not have been possible without the vision and without the enormous effort invested in this issue by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, by US President Donald Trump and by the dedicated staffs who worked alongside them."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the Joint Arab List, whose members voted against the peace agreement with the UAE last month, and hinted that more agreements were expected. "I want to appeal to the members of the joint list, you voted against the agreement with the United Arab Emirates. Today you have the opportunity to amend this, but if not today - you will soon be given another opportunity to amend it."

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